Bulk Edit

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Use this powerful tool to manipulate multiple variants at once and reduce human input repetition on products that have a large amount of variants.

Types of Bulk Edit Operations

With this tool, you can easily:

  • Copy media (images/videos/models) from one variant to one or more variants (example 1)

  • Add media (images/videos/models) to one or more variants (example 2)

  • Remove media (images/videos/models) that are no longer needed from multiple variants (example 3)

Example 1: Copy Variant Images To All Blue Sizes

In this example, we add 3 images to the small blue jumpsuit. Then, we apply these same 3 images to the other sizes of the blue jumpsuit.

Since we are overwriting the medium and larges sizes, we selected the operation Replace.

Example 2: Add Images To All Variants

In this example, we add one necklace image to the end of each variant's media. For this operation, we select Append.

Operation types:

  • Append: add images at the end of each variant's media

  • Prepend: add images at the beginning of each variant's media

  • Insert: specify the numerical position of where the added images will be inserted

Example 3: Delete Front Jumpsuit Photo From All Variants

In this example, we select the operation Delete, since we will be removing images from all variants.

Additional Examples

Don't see a particular use in the examples above? Shoot us an email at support-rio@productwiz.io and we'll be happy to get your feedback! :)

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