Manual App Removal

In the event that Variant Image Wizard failed to remove itself from a theme, please follow the steps below. 👇 If you are having any troubles, please write us at We will help you!

Step 1: Finding the code

i. Navigate to your Shopify admin, and open up your store's theme

ii. Click the Actions button on the theme you'd like to remove the app from. Then, click Edit code in the drop down.

iii. Click on the theme.liquid file under the Layout section

You'll see the code displayed on the right

Step 2: Removing the code

If you have installed Variant Image Wizard on a theme before February 4th, 2021, please follow the instructions below, on the second tab

i. In the code displayed on the right, find the code shown directly below

{% render 'productwiz-rio', product: product, shop: shop %}

ii. Remove the aforementioned piece of code

iii. Click Save to save the code

Step 3: Removing files

i. On the top left, search for "productwiz-rio".

ii. Delete the following files:

  • productwiz-rio.liquid under the Snippets section.

  • productwiz-rio.js, productwiz-rio.css, productwiz-rio-photoswipe.js and productwiz-rio-photoswipe.css under the Assets section.

To delete a file:

  • open the file by clicking on it

  • click Delete file on the top right of the theme editor, as shown below

Repeat the above steps to remove the app from other themes you have installed it on.

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